Baywatch Taper & Retest

By: Brandon Schoenwether 

Topic: programming

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The month of June brings our 3-month training cycle dubbed “Baywatch” to a close. The primary aims of “Baywatch” were to improve 1 Mile times, upper body strength, and maintain CrossFit performance.

Entering the last two weeks of this training cycle the training taper from the running and upper body weightlifting volume. With this taper, you can expect a transition period. This 2-week window will run from June 21 until July 3, which will begin the new training cycle. Put simply, there will be less upper-body only lifting and more full-body lifting, less running, and more classic CrossFit.


Tapering will take place for a couple of reasons. The first reason is to reap the benefits of all the running and upper body work while getting prepared for the next training cycle. The body needs time to catch up to all of the stress it has been put through so tapering is catch-up time. The second reason is to make sure recreational runners are ready for summer running events. These events include things like Trail relays, Road Races, and CrossFit competitions.


An important hallmark in training is to test and retest the main qualities the training program is meant to improve. For this reason, re-testing the 1 Mile time will take place on July 2. This is the day to come in feeling rested and recharged, sleeping and eating to perform!

What’s Next

As one training phase closes out, preparation for the next begins. With the CrossFit Games season reaching its most exciting part of the year, it’s the return of the classics; couplets, triplets, chippers, heavy lifting, and gymnastics. For a recap of the Taper & Re-Test click here, and check back soon for more on “Games Season”.


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