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Author: Brandon Shoenwether

Subject: Gym Rules

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Certain times and places require you to behave in a respectable manner. You wear the appropriate work attire because you are a professional and you are an employee of a professional company. Take your shoes off when entering someone’s home. Nobody really tells you to do these things–you just have an innate feeling that it’s common courtesy to do them. Same goes for the most sacred of places- The Crossfit Box. We understand that Crossfit etiquette isn’t exactly that of a standard gym. We love hearing big weights go up, loud cheers, and the occasional grunt! But like every community, we need a foundation of standards to ensure a safe and professional environment.

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1. Be on Time.

We have you all for one hour a day. And we pack that hour down to the minute! Please be on time for class. Many Crossfit gyms hold penalties for tardiness, whether it be burpees or running. That’s not our thing at CFT. We understand that things happen and that not everything is within our control. We are not here to publicly shame those of us who couldn’t make it on time!

We do ask that if you find yourself coming to a class late, to simply jump in and try to get into the flow of the group as respectfully as possible. Should an athlete be chronically late to class and we want to address it, it will be done in a quick one on one conversation before or after class. But we are hoping to never have this issue.

2. Check Your Ego at the Door

Your coaches have undergone tons of training and you are paying lots of money for their knowledge and expertise. Please listen to them! They will shed weight off your bar or tell you to go heavier or have you scale an RX movement. Your coaches are there to help you improve now and long into the future – trust us we have your best interest in mind. You’re going to be first in workouts –  and last. We are all for friendly competition here, but we ask that you come to class ready to learn, from coaches and each other. Check that ego!

3. Introduce Yourself

It’s scary. We know. Believe it or not, everyone on the CFT staff has been in your shoes. New to the sport, you don’t really know anyone, new words are getting thrown at you left and right. We totally get it. We still urge you to say hi to someone new every day. Introduce yourself, find out one thing about that person. This will make your experience (and theirs) here so much more fun!

4. Don’t Break Down Your Equipment Until Everyone Has Finished the Workout

This one is my favorite. I said earlier, you will be first in some workouts, and sometimes last! So let’s be respectful to those still working out even if you have finished! Use this time to cheer on fellow athletes, or just relax for a moment. But don’t touch the equipment until every athlete has completed the WOD.Image result for crossfit games community

5. No Ghost-Riding the Barbells – Ever.

Yes, weightlifting is super cool and flashy, and dropping a barbell from over your head is so empowering. You know what’s not empowering? Getting smashed in the ankles by another athlete’s barbell bouncing all over the gym. You know when safety is funny? Never.

Don’t know what ghost riding looks like? Ask your coach.

6. Treat Empty Barbells Like They’re Your Baby

I certainly hope no one would drop their baby from three feet off the ground. Or God forbid from overhead. We use empty barbells a lot in class for skill work. Those babies come with a 200$+ price tag and dropping them is not good for their longevity. Let’s keep our brand spanking new gym nice and shiny by treating our equipment with respect!

7. Kindergarten Rules Still Apply

Did you use equipment today? The answer is most likely yes! -Then you will be putting equipment away today! Every athlete is responsible for cleaning up after themselves before leaving class. This includes wiping down handles and balls etc. with our sanitizing wipes around the gym.

8. Clean Off Your Bars

At some point in your CrossFit career, you may bleed on a pull-up bar or barbell. Please don’t be the person who leaves blood on our equipment. Need I say more?

9. Chalk Usage

As avid chalk users, we won’t be limiting chalk use. We do expect that should you make a mess on the floor or equipment with it, that you clean it up before leaving the gym!

10. Children at the Box

Children are welcome at the box! But when is safety funny?!…. Never. That’s right. Children will not be allowed on the class floor. They are more than welcome to hang out in the lobby while mom and dad work out. Should this become an issue, other policies may be put in place. CFT is always looking out for our members’ (and their families) best interest!

11. Go the Distance

Everyone is motivated by different things. Some of us scream and some of us go silent. The box is YOUR place! You can cry, crawl, bleed, or rest all you need. But we don’t quit! If you are feeling defeated in a WOD, talk to your coach! This is what we are here for.

12. Come Prepared for Class

Our coaches work hard to supply an awesome program for all of our members. We’ll be armored with a class plan, varied and relevant scaling options, and we will provide a format that is professional, organized, and well-coached. We ask of all our members to come to class prepared! Having read the WOD on wodify prior to class, recalling past lifts should percentages be used in class, and bringing equipment necessary.


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