Crossfit Equipment List

April 16, 2021

Author: Brandon Schoenwether

So many choices. So many gadgets. So many do-dads you just don’t know where to start.

Doing CrossFit is hard enough, but now we have to figure out what things are worth owning and which are a waste of time. Let’s break it down from essential to silly.


Without a doubt the number one thing you should own as someone participating in CrossFit is a good pair of CrossFit shoes. There are plenty of brands out there so shop around but you cannot beat the versatility of these shoes when it comes to performing the common CrossFit exercises.

*Disclaimer: Anything on this list after number 1 is a personal preference on the order and is not essential. Number 1 is by far the most important and almost non-negotiable.

2. Jump Rope

Whether you have or want double unders, having your own rope is a great place to start. It’s not the secret to unlocking double unders but having a consistent and reliable piece of equipment makes practicing double unders that much easier. There are plenty of ropes that work very well that are not expensive so don’t go out and find the most expensive one thinking it will turn you into a double under machine.

3. Gymnastics Grips / Gloves / Hand Protection

A fair percentage of the exercises performed each week in CrossFit utilize a gymnastics rig on a bar or rings which can really wear down the hands. Having hand protection and support can not only keep your hands from ripping but also increase your performance in those exercises. The type of support you use is up to you but a high-quality gymnastics grip can really give you extra support and control when you are up on the rig flying high.

4. Olympic Lifting Shoes / Wrist Wraps

Both of these are commonly seen on Olympic weightlifters who are looking for every single tool possible to help them lift one more pound. These are also the same people that have devoted numerous years to mastering just 2 exercises. They are definitely tools that can be used to increase your performance but are not going to take you from a beginner to an advanced lifter overnight. Consider improvements in technique and strength for a long time before opting for these and if you are highly proficient in both the clean & jerk and the snatch, now may be the time to consider adding these to your tool belt.

Speaking of belts.

5. Lifting Belt

A lifting belt is another tool used by elite barbell athletes that definitely aids their performance in the one moment they need it most. This is also not necessary for most activities completed in CrossFit and requires a lengthy progression before you should consider owning one. Lifting belts are worn in whole-body strength exercises at the extreme maxes of one’s ability like the day you PR your back squat or clean & jerk. Before you strap up there are a few things you should be worrying about first, number one is having enough strength of your own before adding assistance. There’s no great number but if you have yet to consistently lift 1.5-2x your own body weight in exercises like the squat, deadlift, clean & jerk, or snatch, you probably aren’t ready for a lifting belt. Speaking to your coaches before owning one is always a great place to start and when the time comes for one, you will already know it.

Now it’s time for the secret equipment list that will really sky rocket your performance in CrossFit. These are the things that no one advertises about and everyone always overlooks.

  • A place to sleep 8 quality hours each night

Sleep is number 1 on all lists when it comes to increasing performance

  • A goal-directed nutrition plan from a professional

Your body is the highest quality engine on the market, it deserves premium fuel on the daily.

  • Coaching

As great of a coach you are to yourself, nothing beats having someone else with a lower heart rate at that moment watching you.

This is by no means all the equipment one can own in CrossFit but offers as a place to start weeding through what is really helpful and what is ‘nice’ to have. When in doubt, ask your coach.

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