Defining Fitness: Part 3

Author: Morgan Vandenberg

Topic: Defining Fitness Series

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Crossfit model of fitness #3: Metabolic Pathways

Phosphagen Pathway

  • Also called the phosphocreatine pathway
  • Can produce 100% of maximum power
  • Lasts about 10 seconds — e.g., 100-meter sprint

Glycolytic Pathway

  • Also called the lactate pathway
  • Can produce approximately 70% of maximum power
  • Lasts about 2 minutes, peaking at approximately 60 seconds — e.g., 400-meter sprint

Oxidative pathway

  • Also called the aerobic pathway
  • Can produce approximately 40% of maximum power
  • Sustainable until the anaerobic threshold is crossed — e.g., a 10,000-meter run

The fittest person will have the best balance of capacity across all pathways, and a fitness program should develop your capacity in each.


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