Fight Gone Bad

Author: Karie Patzer

Topic: benchmarks

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It’s a classic benchmark. Been around for ages now. You love to fear it a bit. Whether you are new to the Crossfit game or have been playing for years, we are sure you have heard of “Fight Gone Bad.” But did you know that there is a story to it?

The Story

Set up just like an MMA fight, it’s 5:00 on and 1:00 off for 3 rounds. In those 3 repeated rounds, you go through 5 different movements hitting all ranges of motion. The wod was created in a way to be able to measure the power output and metabolic demand from each movement. It was named after BJ Penn, a mixed martial artist, who had the famous response “it was like a fight gone bad.”

Fight Gone Bad" Workout, Functional Fitness WOD | WODwell

Strategy & Score

The goal of Fight Gone Bad is to pick a load for each weighted movement you know you can do 25+ unbroken when fresh. The higher the reps completed, the higher the score. The wall balls are a great warm up for the beginning of the workout but can easily tax you for the remainder of that round. Then onto the sumo deadlift high pulls which can have the same effect and can easily be thrown off balance if moving too fast. Then there is finally a built in rest with the box jumps relieving some shoulder fatigue and catching some bigger breaths. Following is the push press which can mimic the speed and rush of a fight. Here you can really gain some reps with this one being a shorter ROM. And finally ending is the row for calories. You can keep moving here with being uncomfortable but have the drive to finish knowing its the end. Strategy can be going non-stop for :40 and resting the remaining minute before moving to another station. You can do tabata style which becomes the most popular choice. Or try to stick with doing so many reps that are reasonable enough to rest shortly before moving on. Listed here is average scores:

– Beginner: 150-250 reps

– Intermediate: 250-350 reps

– Advanced: 350-450 reps

– Elite: 500+ reps

This workout (like any workout) is so much more enjoyable with company. Join us to find out why.


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