Follow The Pathway Part 3

May 5, 2021

Author: Karie Patzer

Subject: metabolism

#tidestrained #tidesfamily #metabolism #pathways

Following the theme for Wednesdays, we can focus on the third and final system which is the oxidative pathway.

The Third Pathway

Now we covered the first energy path (phosphagen) and the second pathway (glycolytic), this pathway uses about 40-60% of your effort. This system is the only one that uses oxygen to produce ATP and not glucose. So you can go for a longer period of time because this process takes longer to convert fat into energy. You are also in this state when watching tv, meal prepping, or checking emails. This is the system that keeps you going.

Since this is the “slow and steady” pathway, this means you can run, bike, or swim long distances. This can also be used if you have ever added running and walking combined. 

This is a perfect time to do an active recovery day and stay in this pathway. A light cardio movement is great to help relieve some muscle soreness. Examples of this can be:

30:00 light jog/walk

40:00 light bike ride or elliptical


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