Functional Range Conditioning with Coach Nathan

Author: Callie

Topic: Joint Health

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We are so happy to announce a new member of our staff!

Read the message below from Coach Nathan.

“After numerous injuries and long periods of intense chronic pain, I decided to get serious about training and once again found myself hurt. I was doing CrossFit for three years when my hip tissue failed. I tried many modes of treatment from professionals but nothing seemed to stick.  I limped around for a year. I found Functional Range Conditioning (joint-specific training) and everything changed. I want to help others like me who have had injuries and want to feel normal again. I still ride mountain bikes at a high level( I was a former BMX pro), snowboard, and most importantly run and play with my kids. I still have some pain but it is manageable. I have trained for years to learn how to improve mobility and joint health. I need to help others learn this too.

CrossFit Torrent is a perfect place for me to add my perspective on fitness and health. I am excited to be a part of a team and learn from great coaches. Although I understand performance, weight loss, and strength are important, I see joint function and health being the foundation of all movement. You can not be healthy if you can’t move. I believe we can teach members to build better bodies, maintain their joints, achieve goals, and age well too. I look forward to helping any member improve mobility by increasing range of motion, body control, and joint tissue health by using the FRC principles. The training consists of end-range efforts working joint and muscle tissue that traditional training does not focus on. With consistent efforts and intention, we can improve joint mobility and durability.  I know this can help people improve their movement capacity and improve anything else they choose to do.”

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