Games Season

By: Brandon Schoenwether 

Topic: programming

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Summertime is the season of the CrossFit Games. For the sport’s elite, they’ve reached the culmination of their entire year. For avid fans, it’s a time to get a taste of that same experience in movements, events, and even the schedule that makes the CrossFit Games so special. Games Season will bring you some old tests and some new ones but all CrossFit.


The classics are always the best and that’s what training will be about for the next 3 months. This training cycle will go from July 5th through October 2nd. There will be couplets, triplets, chippers, heavy lifts, and high skills, with the occasional Fusion twist on a CrossFit Games, Regional, or Open workout. You will have a chance to test yourself against the Fittest on Earth in strength, skill, and conditioning.


The primary strength targets will be those that make up the CrossFit Total; back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift. The conditioning targets will be focused around the movements in Open workouts 21.1, 21.2, and Quarterfinals Test 3. The gymnastic skill targets will focus around the movements seen in Open workout 21.3 and Quarterfinals Tests 1 & 2.

Accessory Work

Weekly accessory work will be aimed at improving one of three areas; muscle health, both in size and durability, gymnastic skill practice, or barbell skill practice. Accessory work will not be present every day but will be present in amounts deemed appropriate to increasing performance in the targets highlighted above.

Overall Goal

By the end of this training cycle, you should be able to say that you are a better CrossFitter than before. The skills, lifts, and overall tests you are asked to complete each Open will be the foundation for this training cycle. The goal is to prepare an athlete for the following training cycle as well as the coming CrossFit season. It is advised that athletes write down any goals of interest for the rest of this year and take note of the current ability level for each training target. 

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.” – Jerry Rice


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