How Do I Lose Belly Fat (part 2)

Author: Callie Fuhrman

Topic: Nutrition

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Okay so you’re here for 6 steps to lose belly fat.

What I am going to say is not mind blowing, shocking and they are probably things you’ve heard before. Here is the deal, consistency matters. Let’s practice these together, over and over and over. If you are someone who needs a little accountability reach out to a coach to get signed up!

#1 AND the most important! WHY?

Whenever we ask you about your goals we will always follow up with, why? Be specific and really dig down to see why it is important to you. Whatever reason you say we are with you and will support you!

#2 Understand there is no way to pick only one spot on your body to lose fat. Belly fat loss goes along with overall body fat loss, which usually goes along with changes to diet and exercise.

#3 Eat minimally processed food. Veggies, fruit, protein, whole grains and legumes. How much of each thing depends on the person so if you are interested in getting a nutrition consult send us an email! To start, eat 3 meals per day andl fill half your plate as veggies, ¼ of lean protein and ¼ of fruit, legumes or whole grains.

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#4 Eat slowly until you are 80% full. Set down your fork between bites, drink water, think about relaxing and tapping into your emotions!

#5 Find movement you like. Remember what we said about consistency? If you don’t like what you are doing you will not stick to it! Like going for walks with your dog, sweet! Set a time to get coffee and walk with friends. Go for a bike ride with the kids. Yoga, HIIT, running, or CrossFit! To try a class for free click below!

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#6 Be kind to yourself. According to precision nutrition “Research shows self-compassion is linked to healthier eating and more consistent exercise habits—as well as lower rates of anxiety and depression, less perceived stress, and greater well-being overall.” Talk to yourself like you would a friend, be kind and patient,  know you are not alone and bring awareness to your thinking without judgment.

A healthy body is all facets of your life. I want you to feel good about your body and love yourself. I would love to sit down and chat about your goals. Book a session with me here!

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