How To Be an A+ Gym Member

Author: Morgan Vandenberg

Topic: Etiquette

Hashtags: #gymetiquette #respectequipment #barbellsarebabies #waitforall #becoachable #tidestrained #tidesfamily

We all know how good it feels to get an A+! So I’m going to fill you in on all the secrets of how to be an A+ gym member. 

  1. Sign up and show up. Hey look! Most of you already have this one. The first step of being an A+ member is to be a member. Next is to show up. Come to class and let us see your smiling faces! (Unless we are doing burpees, no smiling during burpees.)
  2. Leave your ego at the door. Our coaches spend a lot of time educating themselves to be the best coaches they can be for you. That means when a coach makes a change to your workout, it is for your best interest. And often, for your safety. 
  3. Don’t put your equipment away until everyone is done. We have all been last to finish at one point or another. When people start cleaning up around you, it’s like being kicked when you’re down. Don’t be that person! It takes away from others’ experience and you’re often in the way of those still finishing! If you need to leave for work or school, just leave your equipment. The coach will take care of it. 
  5. DUMBBELLS/KETTLEBELLS ARE BABIES! They’re all babies okay? Don’t drop our babies. 
  6. Clean up your messes. Chalk, sweat, shoes, etc. Clean it up. Your coaches are not janitors. 
  7. Be on time. Coming late is disruptive. But we know things happen! If you have to be late, COME! But come in quietly and jump on into class. Keep in mind that warmup usually ends by 15 minutes after the start of class and it is not safe to workout without a warm up. If you are more than 10 minutes late, I recommend waiting until the next class time! 
  8. Have fun! The most important part of being an A+ gym member is to have FUN in class! The gym is a magical place where we can leave all our worries outside and have nothing but a good time for the hour. 


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