I Had A Baby…Now What?

May 17, 2021

Author: Morgan Vandenberg

Topic: postpartum

#postpartumhealth #babytime #pelvicfloor #diastasisrecti #tidestrained #tidesfamily

Your body has been busy the last 9 months growing a baby. Now the baby has entered the world and after the 6 week “good to go” release from your doctor, you want to get back at exercising and increasing intensity, but where do you start? Take the time to let your body heal. A woman’s body goes through so much so you can’t expect it to snap right back. Hormones are still high and lack of sleep and stress of a newborn isn’t helping. Your body created another life! Take the proper steps and REALLY take the time to focus.

And reach out to Coach Callie. She is also a postpartum coach and has helped so many women with pelvic floor rehab and diastasis recti exercises.

Her email is

or find her on Instagram

Here is a great link to read more about changes that happen and what steps to take:


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