“I Have To Go To Work”

April 9, 2021

Author: Brandon Schoenwether

It’s 5 AM…the alarm goes off, and the first thing that pops into your head is, “Ugh, I have to go to work.”

No, you actually don’t. You GET to go to work.

“Having” to do anything means that there is quite literally no other choice because without doing so, would put you in imminent and severe danger or pain.

“Have to” is reserved for your basic physical and safety needs which revolve around food, water, warmth, rest, security, and safety. Outside of these, you don’t have to do anything. You aren’t gonna like this part, but from then on, you are choosing to do anything else, meaning you get to do this or get to do that.

Why would saying “I get to go to work.” make any difference from “I have to go to work.”

The answer is control.

When you say “I get to go to work.” You are taking control over the things that happen in your life rather than having your life happen to you.

When you take control you add in autonomy which we humans love. We love to not only have control but know that is US that is giving us that control.

There’s a lot less have to in life than you realize.

Tomorrow, grab life by the horns and wrestle it to the ground.

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