It’s All In The Hips

Author: Karie Patzer

Topic: mechanics

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Hip driven power is a huge part of Crossfit. We use the hips the most. Not only do you add power to your movement, you also add strength. We use the hips as a way to mimic everyday movements. Sitting to standing, walking up and down stairs, picking up objects off the floor, even jumping.

Full ROM

Not only is it good to open the hips all the way for any movement (olympic lifts are a great example) to create power, it also uses ALL the muscles and joints soundly. Those partial reps can catch up to you later in life. It reduces mobility, reduces muscle mass, and can even affect recovery.

Hip Bone Connections

Since the hips are a ball and socket joint, this means they are connected to the spine and legs. And because the hips are sandwiched in between, we want to be sure they all have the strength. In plain words, your core needs to be just as equally strong as your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Ever deadlifted with a rounded back?? There is a great chance you have terrible back pain and stiffness the next day.

Core and Hip Relation

It is always very important to have an engaged core while doing any lifting. When the core is not engaged correctly or not strong enough to hold the load, the lower back and pelvis are not supported and can cause some serious issues.


Teamwork makes the dream work! With your core nice and strong and the correct load, there should never be any issues of lower back or hip pain. Muscle soreness is a given, but working with what YOUR body can handle is the safe bet. Keep your ego in check and just have some patience. The strength and power will get there, trust the process.

Not sure if you are doing movements correctly? Personal training (insert personal training link) is a perfect option. Not your thing, take classes to learn and move with others.


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