June Athlete of the Month

We are ready to release the doves as we introduce our June Athlete of the Month… πŸ•ŠπŸ‘ Mike Waldmann πŸ•ŠπŸ‘ 

Mike has been with us since the VERY beginning of Tides. He was driving by and saw a tractor tire out in the parking lot and wondered exactly why it was there. And he figured out exactly why, as well as how fun it is throwing some weight around. Mike has always been so helpful with new members and always makes everyone feel welcome. He encourages others to better themselves. Mike even has his youngest son following in his footsteps. It’s humbling to see the hard work Mike puts in to better himself and to see the confidence that fuels it. 

More about Mike

πŸ”… How long have you been with Tides and what made you decide to start? 

❇ First WOD here in summer of 2012. 

πŸ”… When did you realize this gym was right for you? 

❇ After my first workout with Brian and Bill A. 

πŸ”… What were your thoughts after your first WOD? 

❇ These guys have a good attitude! 

πŸ”… What is your favorite/least favorite WOD/movements?  

❇ DT is favorite. I can’t think of a least favorite. 

πŸ”… What have you learned since joining Tides?   

❇ Rest days are important 😌 

πŸ”… What is your proudest moment at Tides, or something you accomplished that you never thought you would do?  

❇ Every time I finish Murph.

πŸ”…What motivates you during a tough workout? 

❇ Remembering that I’ll be better at the end of the workout than I was at the beginning. 

πŸ”… Do you have any advice for people just getting started at Tides?  

❇ Embrace the suck. It’s supposed to be hard! It’s what builds character and integrity. 

πŸ”… When you’re not working out, what is your favorite thing to do? 

❇ Read. It helps keep the mind at work when the body is resting.Β 

πŸ”₯ Quick Questions πŸ”₯ 

Favorite Cheat Meal: Angel hair pasta with Arrabiata sauce and hot Italian sausage 

Favorite Musician/Band: New Model Army 

Favorite TV Show/ Movie: The Matrix


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