Losing Weight After Baby

Author: Callie

Topic: Postpartum

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Hey Mama, I’m guessing you found yourself here because you want to lose weight after baby. We are going to chat about 6 different factors that may impact postpartum fat loss and why taking a holistic approach is so important.

  1. Have you stopped breastfeeding?
  2. Are you getting 7+ hours of continuous sleep per night?
  3. Are your stress/anxiety levels less than 6/10?
  4. Has your period returned?
  5. Can you eat .85Xbodyweight= g of protein per day? For example if you weigh 180# you need to eat 153g of protein.
  6. Can you dedicate 3 hours per week to strength training?

If you answered YES to 5 or more you are ready to crush it! If you said yes less than 3 times I suggest waiting a bit and focus on finding movement that makes you feel good and energized. If you were somewhere in the middle you can do it but it will be slow.

Why are these things important?

  1. Breastfeeding- HORMONES. When you are still breastfeeding your body puts feeding baby as priority #1! Your whole body is working to keep a little fat and being in a deficit will not help keep food levels up for the baby.
  2. Sleep- RECOVERY. This is where your body rests and recovers. This is crucial for everyone who wants tip top body function.
  3. Stress- HORMONES. Cortisol, cortisol, cortisol. This is the stress hormone that can prevent weight loss. Getting more sleep can lower your cortisol level. 🙂
  4. Period- HORMONES. Hmm, I’m seeing a theme haha. When you cycle returns your body is getting into it’s regular routine and will work on leveling out those hormones.
  5. Protein- Building blocks for our muscles. We want to burn fat not muscle so getting the correct amount of protein is paramount for recovery and repair.
  6. Strength Training- Time is so valuable postpartum and we want to be able to strength train to build muscle to achieve toned muscles.

Let me know which one you are struggling with right now!

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