Make Eating A Habit

March 31, 2021

Author: Karie Patzer

Creating healthy habits with exercise is a great hands down, but what about eating habits? If you struggle with ways to stay on top of your nutrition game, try this:

Have a plan!

Make a list and check it twice. Planning each meal and snack is a great way to be sure to stay on track. Prepping your meals and snacks a few a days in advance will help keep your focus. No plan usually leads to something that may impact our goals.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

You may be eating all the right things but may not have a great balance with proteins or carbs. Ask your coach they will happily help you. We want to see you succeed, not have a daily struggle or stress of it. 

Focus on how you feel!

We have all been there, workouts can be tough after having a few too many alcoholic drinks or heavier foods from the days prior. Let’s not have a few rough days make us lose focus on our long term goal. Instead get right back to it the next day. Then focus on how your energy levels and workout performances after you get back on track. 

Track it!

Keeping track of what you eat and when is just as important. This helps find imbalances too. You may be going too long of not eating after your workouts and this can affect your whole day. Fueling your body the right things at the right time is key. Write down your snacks and meals at what times you ate. Measuring can help greatly with protein intake which is a common area to struggle in. 

Find friends!

Our community is such a great place to look for seeking out support and ideas. We are all doing this together and want to see each other strive. You can also find groups on social media as well. Have your family members join. Even a small 4 week challenge with a cash prize is a great motivator and also creates healthy habits to keep going strong after the challenge. Find yourself surrounded with positivity and motivation. We all can struggle, let’s help each other fight through it for health sake.

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