Make Yourself A Priority

April 22, 2021

Author: Lauren Risner

Topic: Self Love

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Make Yourself  A Priority 

There is always going to be a reason that we find where we can’t make time for ourselves. When I mean for ourselves I mean actual time where you are only thinking about YOU. Majority of the time we are always worried about what is going on with everyone else. Have you ever just stepped back and thought about what YOU want?

Take a second and think about why I don’t put myself first. This is not meant to come off as selfish, but thinking about yourself is actually healthy. I’m talking more or so about mental and physical health right now. If you are a parent, relative, or friend there is someone out there that needs you. Your health is number one as of right now, because without you who would they have? 

Did you get a workout in?

Did you know that moving your body releases endorphins, what that means is it releases a happy hormone. Who wouldn’t want that? 

Stop Scrolling!

Yes I know we all do it.. Maybe during this time you could be taking a bubble bath or even better yet calling an old friend from high school and catching up. 

Indulging in Food!

Yes you read that right, enjoying some food! Did you know that food can bring us happiness, no wonder why we all love pizza and donuts. It’s okay to enjoy a good meal and take it all in. Remember food is a big part of making people full and happy. 

Long story short, I want you to make sure you’re enjoying the full aspects of life. A couple small changes in life can go a long way. 


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