November 2021 Athlete of the Month

Author: Karie Patzer

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It’s now that time for cozy season. Our swimsuits are put away and our sweatpants are on. Let’s get warm and put our hands together for our new Athlete of the Month 🎉🎉 Amber Smit 🎉🎉

She has put in a lot of hard work over the years and just recently got her first pull-up!! Her story brings out the tissues too but in a good way of course. Amber’s dedication to her health pushes all of us even more. And it’s not just us that stays moving but her whole family too. It’s very common to see the whole family tackling a hero WOD or participate in 5k’s. Read more about Amber and why she does what she does.

🍀I am a 45 year old mother of 3. Dominic is 16, Gabby is 14, and AJ is 12. My husband Brian and I just celebrated our 20 year anniversary.

🍂 How long have you been with Tides and what made you decide to start? 

🍀 My Crossfit journey started over 4 years ago. Brian bought me a membership for my 41st birthday. I started my CF journey because I was having trouble lifting my 13 year old wheelchair bound son. I knew I needed to do something because he wasn’t getting lighter. On my first day, I got sick 3 times before the end of the workout. The burpees got to me. I hadn’t pushed my body like that since high school.

🍂  What goals do you have for the future?

🍀 My long term goal is pretty simple: Get Stronger. My lifting doesn’t end at the gym because I know that when I get home I’m going to have to lift #70 at least 6-8 more times before I go to sleep and that weight is only going to increase.

🍂 How have you seen yourself change- mentally and physically since joining Tides? What impact has CFT had on you in and out of the gym?  

🍀 CFT has given me mental toughness to get through hard times. I know I can accomplish things that are hard. My husband and I just finished 75 Hard and it was grueling some days but I knew I could do it. ** for more info HERE is a link**

🍂 What is your favorite movement? And what is your least favorite movement?

🍀 Deadlifts are by far my favorite! My least favorite are overhead squats.

🍂 Do you have any advice for people just getting started at Tides?  

🍀 To anyone thinking about trying Crossfit, I’d say don’t quit, give it your all for 6 months because yes you will be overwhelmed and sore but after you get the hang of it, it truly is fun! I found my best friend Erika on this journey and that is truly priceless. 💕

🍂 When you are not working out at CFT, what are your hobbies?

🍀 Reading is my favorite.

🍂 Thanksgiving is coming up, what is your favorite leftover?

🍀 Dressing is the best!

🔥🔥 Quick Questions 🔥🔥

Favorite Cheat Meal: Babe’s Burger 

Favorite Band: The Eagles

Favorite Team: Notre Dame 💛🍀💛

Favorite TV: Hallmark Christmas Movies 🎄

Favorite Athlete: Chuck Liddell


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