Palm Care

Author: Morgan Vandenberg

Topic: Health/safety

#palmcare #nomorerippedhands #tidestrained #tidesfamily

Pull-ups, snatches, kettlebell swings, OH MY! All of the most fun movements in Crossfit are not always so easy on our hands. But that’s okay! Here are some products/ways to help. 

  1. Callus care. Over time you will create calluses on your hands and they need a little TLC. Get yourself a pumice stone or callus shaver and make sure your calluses aren’t extending from your palm. 
  2. Palm guards! These babies really change the game! Prices vary and there are so many brands to choose from such as Bear Komplex, Victory grips, Wod N’ Done, and so many more!
  3. RipFix. If you do slip up and tear your hands, DON’T PANIC! RipFix (and many other brands) are here to help. Speed up the healing process and recover those wounds in a safe way. 
  4. If you think your hands might tear…. STOP. Understand the difference between competing and training. Tearing your hands during a workout could potentially set you back weeks in your training. It is better to modify a workout today and keep those hands healthy! 


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