Sweatpants Season

Author: Karie Patzer

Subject: nutrition and mindset

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Potlucks and Parties

The holiday season is always packed with work parties, family gatherings, football games, and friendly potlucks. Though we might feel like we have to eat like that for the next few months with the extra comfort food, we also gotta keep our mindset focused on the main drive, our health. Yes it is absolutely fine to overflow our plate or go for seconds on the apple pie. We just want to be sure it’s only being done at that particular event. It can be very easy to fall into not so healthy habits this time of the year. Taking a few days over the next few months won’t hurt anything. Taking SEVERAL days over the next few months will. Keep your healthy eating habits on the days that nothing is going on.

Healthier Leftovers

Leftover dishes can be brought to life in a healthier way. The turkey can be wrapped up in Romaine lettuce leaves or even endive cups. A bunch of leftover green beans? Chop up some ham and marry those together.


There may also be a few extra adult beverages too and staying on top of your water intake can help for the next day. The colder time of the year can bring your hydration down a bit since we are not sweating as much from the heat. Place some rubber bands on your water container to help with having at least 100 oz of water a day. The average container can hold about 20 oz so place 5 rubber bands on the container and take a rubber band off everytime you fill up.

The day of the gathering, have some fun and put those sweatpants on afterwards. 


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