What Shoes Should I Wear For Crossfit

Author: Morgan Vandenberg

Topic: Shoes / Equipment

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You’ll see dozens of different types of shoes in the fitness world! So which one is right for you? In gyms you might see running shoes, court shoes (volleyball/basketball), sneakers, cross training shoes, specific CrossFit shoes, weightlifting shoes, and powerlifting shoes. (Just to name a few) Here are the pros and cons of all of the above! 

Running shoes 

Pros: Running shoes would be a great option for a crossfit workout with lots of running. And often, running shoes are built to be comfortable. 

Cons: Running shoes are designed to push you forward. This is not ideal for movements like squats and deadlifts and many other movements you will be doing in the gym. When you push on the toe of an empty running shoe, the heel pops up. This is great for running, but another shoe is better for CrossFit. 

Court shoes 

Pros: Court shoes are usually quite “flat” which is great for agility, lifting, and stability. They are also great for traction- in fact, many CrossFit specific shoes resemble volleyball shoes. 

Cons: Court shoes aren’t designed for outdoor wear and can break down a lot quicker. Many court shoes (like basketball shoes) tend to be on the heavier side as well and can make movements like box jumps and double unders more challenging. 


Pros: You look super cool. 

Cons: These shoes are NOT designed for athletic performance. 

Cross training shoes

Pros: These shoes can be used for just about anything. You can usually find these a little cheaper than specific Crossfit shoes. 

Cons: Anything made generically can leave something to be desired. Cross training shoes have general athletics in mind, but a specific CrossFit shoe is built FOR CrossFit. 

Weight lifting shoes. (Lifters) 

Pros: Lifters definitely improve squat performance. They are a great option for a workout with lots of squat movements like thrusters, cleans, overhead squats, and so on. 

Cons: These babies are heavy and clunky and not suitable for jumping, running or climbing. 

Powerlifting shoes (Chucks) 

Pros: Flat and no cushion- this can help with stability, and transferring power. And they are CHEAP.

Cons: These shoes may feel awesome for lots of movements but can really leave you hurting in others. For example, don’t try running a 5K in chucks! 

Specific CrossFit Shoes

Alright let’s get into this. Nanos vs Metcons vs Inov8’s vs Nobulls.

Which to choose!? Here is your answer: Choose the ones that match your favorite outfit. (Lol just kidding- but only sort of) 

The secret that no one ever tells you is that there is no “better” CrossFit shoe. Everyone has different taste in how they want their shoes to feel. You might hear a lot of “nanos are good for narrow feet” or “nanos are good for flat feet”. But the truth is- there are people with all kinds of feet who wear all types of CrossFit shoes. You’ve gotta work that “trial and error” to find what shoe works for you! 


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